‘Tracey came highly recommended by a family member to help me alter my dress and make it feel even more special. At my first consultation Tracey made me feel so at ease, especially as I attended on my own. I am very conscious about the size of my bust, Tracey helped me feel secure in my dress and helped me appreciate my body and the curves I have. She was empathetic throughout, reducing my worries and anxiety of my dress fitting.

She was professional yet a friendly face who I could easily talk about my wedding plans with. She helped me add a little touch of me into the dress, through which she was thoughtful with her ideas whilst being creative; which I am not!’

‘The process of my dress alterations has been smooth and not at all stressful thanks to Tracey! She has included me and checked every alteration is to specification, meaning I have had no worries in her work or what has been happening to my dress’. – Toni T

“Tracey did the alterations on the sides of my dress to accommodate my growing baby bump which had not begun when the dress was purchased. Tracey put in beautiful side panels which worked seamlessly with the dress so you couldn’t tell they were there and did this without compromising the design of the front or back of the dress. Tracey did a wonderful job and I was very happy with everything.” – Stephanie H

“Tracey helped me to turn my ideas into reality and worked with me throughout my thought processes and helped me achieve personalised embellishment that made my dress even more perfect.” – Karen B

“From the moment I walked in, I was made to feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble.  Tracey maintained the perfect level of friendly and professional whilst making me feel completely comfortable.” – Jessica A