Good communication is at the heart of every successful fitting and with a thorough understanding of fabrics, garment construction and body shapes, I like to provide inventive solutions to your alterations and keep clients fully informed throughout the process. 

Alterations can be quite costly, the fitting sessions therefore are progressive to enable detailed planning and  measuring making sure the alterations enhance your body shape whilst maintaining the integrity of the original design.  With this in mind, it is really important to bring along the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear on the big day to ensure the gown fits your curves and height as a change of shoes can make a dramatic difference to a hemline and different undergarments can totally

First Fitting

Your first fitting is where we take detailed notes of exactly what you need to be done and a note of your body measurements so it is really important the shoes and undergarments you intend to wear are with you at this stage.  A detailed assessment of alterations are made along with an assessment of costs and further fittings are scheduled. After this initial fitting, future fittings should be simpler.

Second Fitting

At your second fitting you try on your gown following initial alterations and a note of your body measurements will be re-taken just in case further changes need to be made. At this stage make sure you feel comfortable with the feel of the gown and you are sure it is progressing towards your perfect fit. Please remember to bring along the shoes and undergarments used at the first fitting.

Final Fitting

Final fitting is where you will be able to see the gown completed in all its glory and can check that it fits and enhances your body and has become your magical gown for the big day. These alterations will have been crafted to fit the body measurements taken throughout your fittings, so its worth bearing in mind now is a good time to maintain your weight as this will be the last time to make sure everything fits the way its supposed to before your special day.  Please remember to bring along the shoes and undergarments used at previous fittings.

You may feel it is a good idea to bring along your Maid of honour or someone special to learn how to help you with any complicated straps or buttons, zips or trains and discuss the best way to get rid of last minute wrinkles in the gown. 

When you are completely satisfied at the end of this fit, the gown becomes yours again to take home and the magic begins.