What is a consultation? 

Consultations provide the opportunity to discuss any ideas you may have for designs or for general alterations. These usually take about an hour and if you decide to have La Couturière carry out your alterations, this consultation becomes the first fitting and therefore saves you an initial fitting fee. If, however you are just looking for information and guidance, and decide to have your wishes carried out elsewhere, a consultation fee would be chargeable.

When is a good time to discuss alterations?

The busiest months for bridal alterations are between April to July so it is a good idea to make initial contact giving a rough idea of what is required, provide the date of your big day, or when you need to collect your gown as early as possible. It is therefore advisable to make contact a minimum of three months before your big day or special event, so this allows plenty of time for a consultation and to schedule fittings.  

How many fittings do I need?

It is always a good idea to have three fittings which are scheduled at least  6-8 weeks before your wedding day but it is always a good idea to contact us as early as possible even if it is to book your fittings well in advance.

How quickly can alterations be done?

A turn around for simple bridal alterations, including fittings, is usually between 4-8 weeks but can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the gown, level of embellishment and time of the year.  Outside these suggested timescales it may be possible for a faster alteration service but would incur an additional 25% express fee on all alteration costs.

How much will my alterations cost?

It is almost impossible to give a detailed estimate of the costs involved for bridal alterations without seeing the gown. Whether your gown is ‘off the peg’ or ‘haute couture’ each style has been individually crafted in different styles and fabrics, garment construction, layers and embellishment and a multitude of other factors.  Bearing all of these in mind, it is always important to meet you and the gown before any commitment to costs can be made. A Consultation is therefore a good place to start as each gown requires individual expertise.

Do I pay for fittings?

Fitting fees are on top of alteration costs and are dependent on whether you choose to visit us at The Pebble Studio, in the comfort of your home or at the bridal shop. These usually take about an hour but if the alterations are quite simple the fees are adjusted accordingly.